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New Zealand is home to some iconic marine brands 

Considering that the population is relatively small, at less than 4.5 million people, the marine sector punches well over its weight globally in terms of the range and quality of vessels constructed for local and international customers, as well as for technological development..

The Kiwi 'can do' approach is world-renowned, and New Zealand boat builders, sailors and crew will be found anywhere there are boats to be built or sailed.  This is borne of a strong 'boatie' culture which is central to the New Zealand psyche, whether your ambition is to own a 'tinnie' for fishing or a world-beating superyacht.  There is also a single-minded dedication to passing on and enhancing skills through a dedicated marine apprentice programme which presently has several hundred people honing their trade skills.

This shot is of 'Athena' being prepared for her first full respray at the Orams Yard in Auckland in 2011.

This shot is of 'Athena' being prepared for her first full respray at the Orams Yard in Auckland in 2011.

Many months later she emerged looking as good as new. 

Length: 295 ft • 90 m
Year: 2004
Builder: Royal Huisman 
Design: Beeldsnijder • Dijkstra.

Athena was the world's largest private sailing yacht until the launch of Eos in 2006. 



New Zealand marine businesses need skilled people.

Marinejobs.co.nz Ltd provides a service dedicated to the specific needs and specialisations of the marine sector.  Whether you are a company or a candidate, the network of contacts we have built over the last eight years or so means that we should be able to connect you.