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This information is for potential Marine Job Candidates.

On the 'Jobs' tab (linked below), you will find details of roles which we are working on right now - have a look to see if your next challenge is listed.

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We aim for any job listed to be current - if it is not immediately available for any reason, then we will tell you so, but it will be listed for good reason.

Please remember, though, that companies have the option to utilise many different sources and paths to find the right people; although we try hard to keep this information up to date, a vacancy can be filled or a sutuation can change very quickly, often without notice.

Also, it is helpful to illustrate to sorts of roles that have already been filled, in order that you can see the range of jobs potentially available to you, maybe not right now but in the near future.

A surprisingly high percentage of jobs are filled with no advertising at all. Many clients leave us with standing instructions to keep our eyes open for talent to join their team, but for various reasons they may prefer not to advertise, so your time is not wasted by sending in your CV for us to take a closer look.

Therefore, if a role looks interesting, don't delay - submit your CV and we can have a chat about you, your career objectives and your potential suitability as a candidate for current or future positions.

You'll see that most of our jobs are in New Zealand but we have had success placing staff into roles in many international locations, depending on demand, and the internet will ensure that the global market continues to grow.

CV Good Practice

As a candidate, please make sure that you have 'refreshed' your CV before sending it in, so that it reflects your latest work and experience.

It should also be comprehensive, so please don't leave anything out, as it will be subject to a rigorous 'discovery' process to validate that we have all the pertinent facts about you - and it's not a good look when we find that there are substantive 'holes' or missing roles in your work history.

Also ensure that you have included your latest contact information (you would be amazed at how many CV's omit e-mail addresses and current phone numbers, for instance).

Do use a spell checker and read over your finished profile one final time before you send it, to ensure it makes sense, especially after making changes or adding updates.

Think carefully about how you describe yourself - for instance, a pet hate of mine if using the phrase 'vast experience', which can variously mean 'colossal', 'infinite' or 'limitless', which, with all due respect, is highly unlikely of any candidate!  'Extensive' is much more appropriate.

Remember to indicate your preferred means of contact; if that is e-mail, then please remember to check your inbox on a regular basis for replies.

Stop and think carefully before using your work email address, for obvious reasons, and do check your email regularly when in the process of pursuing an application.

We may not get back to you same day, but we do guarantee a reply to every bona fide enquiry within a few days.

Should I send a covering letter?

A cover letter is always helpful - it demonstrates that you have invested a little time to present yourself professionally, and indicates that you are motivated and care about the impression you create.

Therefore, you should ensure that your cover letter is addressed specifically to the target company or recruiter!  You can imagine what a turn-off it is to open a letter which has clearly been written to someone else for an entirely different job, even a different country (yes, it happens all too often!) - the impression created is diametrically opposed to the one you were trying for and you're doomed to fail.

Nowadays, it is quite acceptable to use the email text itself as the cover letter, with your CV appended. This will also ensure that you have the opportunity to make an impact with the reader as soon as the mail is opened.

It is said that when you send a CV to someone, you have about thirty seconds of 'opportunity time' to hook some interest - make sure that you make the most of your opportunity.

The rules are simple: keep it short, relevant and focused on the target job. It is simply a positioning statement and a short introduction to the main event, which is your CV.

You should consider that anything you send in to us at Marinejobs is tantamount to sending a direct enquiry to many potential employers in one hit - and you only get ONE chance to make a good first impression.

Finally, we still encounter candidates who have never had to prepare a CV before - job markets have been historically strong and word-of-mouth has seen them right, until now....

If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call: we can send you our Application Form, which will gather all the important information, and our own processes will ensure that you have a professional profile presented to potential employers.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We guarantee complete confidentiality

Your Application will fall under the Protection of the NZ Privacy Act, which creates guidelines and working practices to safeguard your privacy. This also means that, in order to progress your application, you will be asked to complete and sign a formal Application Form at some point as a complete record of your candidature, and this will be a foundation element to your pre-employment documentation, so please make sure it is accurate and complete.

Your personal information will be stored in our private database, and this is not released to any other parties, so you will not start receiving a lot of unwanted junk mail!