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"I actually think that Kiwis in general still have a sense of pride in workmanship. I'm not saying nobody else does, but I think that is quite a strong attribute among Kiwis".

So spoke the British owner of 'Salperton IV', as quoted in Boating New Zealand, when asked about why he came back to NZ for his latest super yacht.

It also echoes a key goal of Marinejobs: the sense of pride derives from doing the spadework honestly and diligently and marrying up a great employer with a loyal and productive team member, which is a huge source of job satisfaction.

Using a Recruiter

Too many times, recruiters have earned a shoddy reputation for simply pushing the first body through the door forward for the role and taking a fat fee for little apparent effort (in other words, 'throw enough mud and some of it will stick somewhere').

That can understandably cause companies to prefer to go it alone when recruiting new staff, but it can represent a huge drain on your time and resources and distract you from what you do best - that is, growing your business.

It's obviously imperative that you make the final hiring decision, but working with a specialist recruiter can be a smart investment to help you to fast-track to meeting with qualified candidates, optimising your time and freeing you up for more productive activities.

A favourite client remarked to me that he continued to work with us because we came at his challenges from the 'left field', offering up potential staff members who might otherwise have been overlooked through his own screening processes, as well as enriching the overall selection process.

Remember also that, when using our services, you are paying for a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' effort which you will never see - advertising, screening CV's, interviewing potential candidates - which of course leaves you free to concentrate on your core business until you are ready to meet with the short-listed hopefuls.

We sometimes explain that you are paying for an iceberg of effort, and all you actually want to see or know about, frankly, is the relatively small candidate population above the waterline.  

Any candidate on the final shortlist should fulfil the majority of your role brief, and so all you have to do is to decide who you think is the very best fit for your requirements, and whose personality will meld the best into your team.

Helping us to help you... a little effort up front will reap dividends

The single best thing you can do is to set a little time aside and write down exactly what you require from the new person, in the form of a Job Description or briefing document, talk it through in a kick-off meeting and then leave the rest to us.

If such does not already exist, and you need assistance in pulling something appropriate together, we're happy to assist, as it makes the work downstream so much easier and increases the chances of a succesful outcome to your search, not least because the best candidates will ask to see your detailed requirements when qualifying what you have to offer as an employer against their own needs.

A good job description serves as a shop window for your company and your approach as an employer.

Remember also that timely feedback once we are rolling is helpful for us and for the candidate(s), who may be weighing up other opportunities of equal merit to yours and will not be prepared to hang around unduly for a decision.

One size does not fit all...

There is no one recruitment approach that fits every customer's needs and budget, and so we will adapt the job to be done in line with your requirements.  

If you want to be involved in the search and selection process or have some of the work done at your site, that is fine.

If you wish the advertising to bear your company brand and have all enquiries channelled to us, no problem at all.

Call us today for a chat about what you need to achieve.