Migrant Support

Could you be working better with your migrant staff?

Migrant resources can represent a huge opportunity, but also bring some big challenges as well as you seek to make the new arrival a productive member of your team, and they in turn orientate themselves to a whole new life.  Don't assume it will all be plain sailing!!

There is an ever-growing and improving body of information available to employers from Settlement Support New Zealand (funded by NZ Immigration), a team that is very proactive in supporting NZ employers to reap the rewards of fresh talent from overseas.

The information aims to help you better understand and support your new migrant employees, such that they:

  • Prepare for the transition
  • Settle well
  • Stay in your business
  • Contribute to its ongoing success

Putting a little time and effort into planning and structuring your support for new migrants can make a huge difference to the outcome of your investment.

Marinejobs has access to this material and we'll do our best to help you anticipate how to support new migrants before you commit to importing talent.

You can also go on line at http://www.ssnz.govt.nz for more information, or call 0800 776 948.