Our Values and Approach

Core Values

There are some simple personal values at the core of what we do:

  • Founded on relationships - we do not do the 'hard sell' and push, and indeed, we look for evidence of your own motivation and commitment before taking on a new placement
  • It is important that the right person is located for your requirements, because we're here for the long-term, not just the next placement - but we will also try to ensure that you do not overlook genuine potential when it is staring you in the face
  • Doing the right thing - a work ethos built on integrity and trust, where a handshake is as good as a contract
  • Focus on results - we have to deliver what you need at the right price, and the right result often takes determination and resilience to achieve
  • Practical 'can do' attitude - pragmatic and positive
  • Professional and ethical

Listening is perhaps the most important skill in communicating effectively. We'll listen to your needs before working out how best to fulfil them at a sensible price.

The bottom line is that we are here to deliver outstanding customer service - because your business success is the future for Marinejobs.

Our Approach

Our approach to recruitment is geared to leaving you to get on with running your company whilst we do the hard work.

We first come and visit every new client site, in order that we can get to know you and your business better and to talk about the most appropriate approach to the recrutiment brief.
We will also be talking about you and your business to people during the search, so we need to gather information about their potential future working environment to ensure that they will fit in.

Once assigned, we will normally check our known contacts first and, if there are no potential candidates available, we will advertise, normally on the internet Job Boards.

We look carefully at the whole picture, because we want to introduce high-calibre people to you who will fit in with the personality of your own team, and so all candidates who potentially fit the bill will be interviewed by us (unless offshore when applying, in which case we will await their arrival but get a lot of background work accomplished up front).

We will also take up verbal work references with previous employers to make sure that the candidate really is as good as they say they are - how many times have you found the contrary to be true to your cost?

Some companies like to see candidate CV's early in the process and do some preliminary qualification on paper for themselves to fine-tune the rough-cut shortlist as quickly as possible.

Others prefer to see a summary 'beauty parade', where we get together and review up to a dozen potential candidates on paper, and whittle them down for a more in-depth examination of the best three or four to make the cut.  After submission of a detailed profile on each, you may then select those you'd like to interview yourself.

Early success is not guaranteed, but we will keep on searching until the job is done and the right person is on the payroll.

We will do whatever is necessary to facilitate your final choice candidate into the new role, and this can also include working with people as they prepare their documentation for a work Visa application (although please note that we are not licensed to provide Immigration advice, and so our support is necessarily limited in scope to ensuring that people have access to all information in the public domain and that they know where to look and who they need to speak to).

'Skin in the game' - all placements come with a simple three month 'no quibble' guarantee (or, where the role is contracted, a guarantee geared appropriately to that particular set of work circumstances and time scales).  This means that we have a very real stake in making sure that the most appropriate person is ultimately selected, and we never forget that one is only ever as good as the last placement made.

Call us today for a chat about how we can assist you - remember, we specialise in marine sector recruitment and so we should be able to get the job done more quickly and effectively than other more 'generalist' recruiters who dabble on the periphery, because we are working on the inside of the marine community.