Here's some feedback from some real clients and candidates about Marinejobs

To whom it may concern, 

I have had the pleasure of engaging with Rob during my recent career change. After dealing with numerous HR agencies, I found Rob's approach was a breath of fresh air.

Rob listened, engaged, understood, and then worked tirelessly to keep communications clear and prompt. His work is the most thorough I have ever experienced, and I highly commend his professional service.

Andrew H - July 2018

"Rob is a very professional and experienced person with deep knowledge in the marine industry.

I would like to thank him as it helped me to find a job really quickly in my field.

Unlike other job agencies, Rob takes great care of your needs and career projects. I really enjoyed our interview where he took his time to asset every of my skills in order to find me the best job opportunities.

Therefore, I would recommend your service as customer or candidate"

Charles - March 2018

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the effort you put in in helping me find a job.

You were very informative and helpful throughout the whole process, it has been a fantastic experience all the way!

I would 100% recommend you to any potential candidate or a customer in the future!

Thanks Maya" 

(Candidate, Jan 2017)

Maya - Jan 2017

I am settling into the job and learning a ton. It is a very unique industry. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and I thank you for all of your help.

I am more than happy to give feedback and don't mind my name being used.

You did an absolutely fantastic job and I couldn't be happier. I've had a very mixed experience with recruiters in the past (most of the time being ignored) and it was very refreshing to work with one who was responsive and made me feel like his most important client. I know you were busy when you were working with me but you were very quick and responsive and made me feel like my needs were your priority.

I really couldn't complain about anything and would be more than happy to recommend your services.

Thanks again for everything.


Kristen (May 2014)

"I first contacted Marine jobs after seeing an Ad for a job that interested me on the internet. After first sending an email of interest in the job, I received correspondence from a member of their staff Rob Everall.

Rob interviewed me and then forwarded my details to the company to whom I was applying for the job. The process on my part was relatively easy having only to have an interview with Rob and give him my CV. He then sorted out all the bits and pieces and set up the interview with the company for me. I went for that interview and got the job.

I feel that because of my busy schedule I probably would not have been so proactive with trying to find jobs and chase interviews. But with the help of Rob and Marine Jobs everything came together nicely and I now have a new job to go to".

Regards - Jarrod Gibson

Dear Rob, 

Thank you for the response, and explanation. It's something that seems to be rarely observed in the US recruitment sector. So thanks for the breath of fresh air.

If you have any clients with need of my skill set I'd be happy to know. I'm still learning the channels and processes for NZ employment. I have attached my resume for your convenience.

Thanks for your time and energy. 

All the best,


Applicant, USA - September 2016

"Dear Rob,

Thanks again for letting me know. While disappointed that I did not meet the needs of your client, I truly appreciate your professionalism and good faith effort to present my candidacy to .

As I work through the process of finding a position, I have dealt with a number of professional recruitment agencies. You should know, that your methods and genuine good will set you far above the vast majority of firms. Thank you.

I'll let you know where I end up. And if you come across a position in Auckland that you think would be a good fit please let me know. If you ever get to Singapore give me a call - first beer is on me!

All the best"

Matt (Mar 2012)

"Hi, I have read through the contract and job description and letter of offer I and am more than happy. I will be signing the contract and returning it as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your help in getting me this job, it has been a great help.
Once again, thank you with your help in getting me the position, and I look forward to starting there in September."

Regards - Jarrod Gibson

(Anonymised for candidate confidentiality)

Dear Rob

I do understand that, as my background is not in the marine industry, there would be other applicants more suited to this role. 

It is a shame that my decades of (removed) experience is becoming less transferrable as our world evolves.

I would like to thank you for your consideration and your prompt response.  What I am most impressed with, is the approach you and your company have taken with this application, it is a refreshing to know that the “personal touch” still exists.

Thank you.



Applicant GH, Oct 2016

"Rob was the recruiter who gave me the chance to find a job (a very good one) in the time when I had a lot of qualifications (in very different areas) but no work experience in CAD Design, where I wanted to work.

He has the patience and ability to put it all together and to place me in the best position possible to start my career.

After 3 years in Superyacht Interior Design and 1 year in Aerospace Interiors, doing what I love most, I’m back to him, confident that going through the same process, he will find again the right job for the right employer, making both happy.

Thanks Rob, and here we are again…."

Dorina (Dec 2011)