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April 2019: Overview video from NZ Immigration (Employer perspective) - also useful for migrants to orientate themselves to what a sponsoring employer has to do.

Overview (2017) of how NZ Immigration calculates the qualifying points for prospective migrants:

Aug 2018: Changes announced by NZ Immigration to post-study work visas - these changes will affect both new visa applicants and existing post-study visa holders, making extended visa periods available. 

Fact Sheet INZ 4025 EN AUG18 refers.
Visit   or call 0508 558 855 for more information.  Marinejobs has a .pdf copy, available on specific request by email. - CV and Job Seeking tips from Trade Me,with input from professional recruitment companies. 
This covers most of the good practice and highlights some of the most common errors and 'turn offs' and it's specific to New Zealand, so well worth looking at if you are overseas and want to ensure that your CV will have 'Kiwi appeal' and work in your favour. - the only definitive point of reference to use for Immigration into New Zealand. Here you will also find the latest Listings for Immediate and Long Term Skills Shortages, as well as all the forms and reference material you will require to construct your Application. There are also lists of licenced Immigration consultants who may be able to support you through the process. - details of NZ work sectors experiencing skills shortages - compare the merits of the five most popular types of NZ Visa - a key reference point from the employer's perspective covering Visas to employ migrants - a licensed Migration Consultancy with offices in central Auckland and the UK.
Plenty of good common-sense advice on their website and they will assess their chances of helping you before they charge a fee. -  New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) - the agency who will evaluate the equivalency of your foreign educational and work qualifications to those operant in New Zealand - a checklist of things to plan and do as a migrant both before you leave (up to six months beforehand) through to when you arrive in New Zealand.  There is also plenty of support material for employers as well, orientating them to the challengs a new migrant faces and how to anticipate and assist them. - provides resettlement and relocation services - getting people here from overseas and settling them quickly and efficiently into homes, schools and new lives in NZ.  Our mission is to connect people with what they need to thrive in a new country.  Office-based onboarding programmes are only part of the solution for people relocating from offshore.
They face not only coming up to speed with a new job, but also a new country. Up-skilling on the home front is essential.  Things like - getting basic logistics sorted (phone, bank account, IRD), finding the right housing, sorting out family (schooling, parent support, medical care, kids activities), discovering where/how to pursue their hobbies/interests and integrating into local communities and developing support networks.  That's where we come in with our local contacts and knowledge.
Our tailored programmes get newcomers up and running as quickly as possible - freeing them up to focus on work, not worries about home and family or spending hours out of the office getting their personal life sorted.
(Also a valuable resource for employers who want to ensure their new employees settle as quickly as possible into their new lives in NZ)  - The New Zealand Herald - a useful window into NZ current affairs  - insights into the world of recruitment and finding jobs in New Zealand   - useful to ensure you will not be waking us up in the middle of the night when you call!  - for details of New Zealand's Coastguard services  - details a full schedule of international boat show events. - home page of the NZ Marine Industry Association - NZ Marine & Composites Industry Training Organisaiton - useful if you are in search of a marine trade apprenticeship in New Zealand - September 2016 - notification from MNZ regarding rengfencing of 'old' tickets and qualifications - must be notified to MNZ before -1-Sep-2017 or your old qualification WILL expire. - February 2017 - a legal practice based in Avondale in West Auckland offering specialist advice on immigration work visas and employment matters in NZ. The web site could be of interest to candidates and NZ employers alike if you need professional help and practical guidance.