What we do

Where Talent Meets Opportunity

We provide recruitment services to marine sector companies, mainly operating in New Zealand, although we have enjoyed success with overseas employers as well because of the high regard that New Zealand marine skills are held in - whether driving a CAD design program, working in the boat yard, down in the engine room or on the bridge of a high-performance race boat or superyacht.

We have made placements in a wide range of professions: to name but a few, we have secured Naval Architects, Draughtspeople, Shipwrights, Boat Builders (wooden, aluminium and steel), Fairers and Painters, Marine Engineers (to Chief Engineer level), Marine Technicians and Workshop staff, Electricians and Electronics wizards, Composites Specialists, Riggers, Sales and Service Management personnel.... the list goes on.

The majority of positions are permanent land-based roles, predominantly in New Zealand, although through our expanding network of industry contacts - and, pleasingly, word-of-mouth from happy customers and candidates alike - we are developing new avenues and responding to a broader range of enquiries from around the world.

The Challenge

Our primary challenge is to win interviews for appropriately skilled and qualified people, and then to assist those people into their new job.

The process is simple: we receive a job brief from a company, and first review our extensive database of trade professionals to see who might be an appropriate fit. If we do not find anyone suitable/available, then we advertise, primarily on the web using this site and leading internet job boards.

All short-listed candidates are interviewed (unless located offshore at the point of application) to get to know them better, and we then take up verbal references to verify that people are REALLY as good as they say they are.  We also conduct a concise psychometric assessment of personality, sharing the report with the candidate to get his or her view on how well it matches their own perceptions of the person they think they are.

At the end of this process, if we think we still have a good match to the client brief, a candidate will be introduced to the company for closer consideration; the company will first receive a detailed electronic profile on the candidate, in order to determine if they would like to proceed to interview.

This will normally be a very productive meeting: the company will already know a lot about the interviewee, and their career background will have been carefully checked with verbal referees through a diligent discovery process. The candidate will have been pre-briefed about the company and the demands of the role, and so the discussion can focus on employer and (potential) employee working out if they are right for each other.

It is therefore not unusual for a candidate to receive a job offer during that first interview.

The addage that says "you're only as good as your last placement" means that we are very choosy about who we work with: openess, honesty and integrity are central to everything we do, because our reputation, within what is a relatively small commercial community, is inextricably linked to the quality of the people we introduce to our clients - and vice versa.

We are also mindful - from direct personal experience - of what many recruiters can do very badly, and strive hard to be the best that we can be.  
Indeed, the watch words are that we treat people in the way that we'd wish to be treated ourselves.

In instances where a candidate is inbound to New Zealand from overseas, we can do a lot of preparation ahead of arrival to make the best of the time available.
If successful, we will work in conjunction with both company and candidate to assist in the application for a Work Visa*.

Flipping the coin over, we can also work with candidates who need assistance with preparing a professional CV and presentation profile suitable for New Zealand employers.

We offer a service and fee structure which is geared specifically to customer requirements and the work required to do it right first time.

In the world of recruitment, you will find us very competitive.

In the world of marine recruitment, you will find us almost unique.

* Please note that we do not provide Immigration advice.
Since May 2009, Immigration advice in New Zealand may only be provided by licensed practitioners.  If this is a service you need, we can refer you to suitably-licensed Immigration Consultants.

However, there is also a huge amount of information in the public domain about how best to approach this challenge, and if you are organised, diligent and thorough, you can actually accomplish everything yourself.

Check out the official website http://www.immigration.govt.nz/ for further information.

For information on key Skills Shortages, go to http://skillshortages.immigration.govt.nz/

Check to see if your skills are in demand. This is much more accessible now, just type in your job or profession and the shortages lists are searched on line.

For information on the various Visas available, go to Visa Options https://visaoptions.immigration.govt.nz

Tip - this is a self-help guide, and it is structured around the vital step of getting a job; therefore, when asked, tick 'yes, I have a job offer' in order to get a realistic appraisal of your chances, because if you say 'no' the program will decline you. It's only a model, and this advice came straight from the top!

You can also compare the merits of the five most popular types of NZ Visa on http://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/comparevisas

For a checklist of things to plan and do as a migrant both before you leave and when you arrive in New Zealand, go to http://www.nzready.com